A 1 litre glass bottle of ReRooted organic almond milk with a 500ml bottle to its right. The milk is a soft caramel brown colour and the bottles have black screw top lids.
Almond. Creamy, sweet & nutty
A glass bottle of ReRooted Organic almond milk sits behind a kilner jar of granola and a white cereal bowl with a spoon in it. The leaves of a houseplant touch the bottle on its left side.

Almond. Creamy, sweet & nutty

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£2.10 500ml
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All our milks are freshly made to order and have a ten day shelf life.

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This almond milk is our go-to drink. Creamy, sweet, yet distinctively nutty. We use it on cereal, in hot drinks or smoothies, in baking, or simply as a naturally sweet and refreshing drink.

Ingredients: Triple filtered water, organic almonds* (8%) organic dates, cornish sea salt and absolutely nothing else...ever!

*We use almonds from either Spain or Italy depending on the time of year.


Nutritional Information
per 100ml










   Sugars 1.1g




Boring but legal disclaimer: These drinks are made with fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives. They have a shelf life of 10 days unopened and 3 days once opened. They must be refrigerated at all times. In placing an order with us you take full responsibility in ensuring they are collected off your doorstep as soon as possible to avoid spoilage. This is why we guarantee drop off by 7am, so the outside air temperature isn't too high and so it can be collected upon waking.